We believe in conducting business and production in a sustainable and ethically minded way.

Since launching we have been conscious of making decisions based on the longevity of our brand, our people and our environment.

We recognize the fundamental challenges within our industry and as such are in constant pursuit of ways we can improve our path to sustainability.

In 2020, in response to an outdated and ever accelerating fashion cycle, we moved back to 2 (more sustainable) collections per year. Our collections weave stories, they take time to develop and a lot of love to produce, so why would we push out this constant newness in a system we didn’t design? 


Some things we value:

Supporting local

  • We work with our close network of Sydney cutters and makers, overseen by designer Tessa MacGraw.
  • Our collections are made in Australia under fair and ethical conditions
  • Collaborations with local artisans including Sydney knitter John Macarthur and the embroiderers of The County Women's Association

Circular production practices

  • Low wastage pattern making and cutting
  • Recycling offcuts and dead stock
  • We produce what we actually need and pre-sell (no over-ordering to meet high minimums)
  • Usage of natural fibers predominantly. Over 90% of fabrics are silk, wool and cotton.
  • We currently use a minimal amount of recycled polyester in some of our linings, amounting to about 5% use of polyester across our collections. We aim to completely remove all use of polyester by 2023.

Conscious packaging

Noissue Eco Packaging Alliance
  • We use compostable mailers
  • Acid and sulphur free stickers and tissue paper sourced from sustainable forests
  • Packaging printed with soy ink
  • We store garments in biodegradable garment bags
  • Garments stored on 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard hangers
  • Biodegradable sticky tape for all packaging and office use
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